Tips for job candidates

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Here are some tips for you as you navigate your job search journey

Been made redundant, now what?

You can shift back and forth between confusion and helplessness to hope or sadness and anger.

You may need time and peace and quiet. Or you may be the more proactive type, where something needs to happen now.

A new beginning requires self-awareness, realism, and understanding of how the job market operates. This enables you to handle the new challenges.

Therefore, we have gathered tips for the initial period so you can delve in and find information that meets your needs right now – read them below.

Our tips

1. First and foremost, refrain from making any decisions while still in shock.

2. Recognize that you’ll go through the 4 phases of crisis psychology: Shock, Reaction, Processing, and Reorientation.

3. This process often takes 4-6 weeks.

4. Remember, despite everything, it’s just a job, and there are plenty of opportunities available in the market.

5. Avoid acting out of panic—give yourself time to regain your footing.

6. Talk to those closest to you; don’t keep things to yourself, especially not in secrecy.

7. Organize your daily routine (if you’re at home) to maintain structure; otherwise, time can slip away.

8. Define your specific job goals before pursuing your next opportunity.

9. Utilize your network to understand your market value and to get closer to your next job opportunity.

.. and make sure to give yourself time to settle in, talk to your counselor and work friends before diving into finding your next fantastic job.

Getting off to a good start

With your new job situation, you’ve also gained a new title. You’re now your own boss. You’ve also acquired a new office. Now it’s about setting up and finding a rhythm that suits you.

Get our experienced advisor Gaby Lillebæk’s best advice on how to get off to a great start in your daily routine in the video here.

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