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What is
Makio Move Online?

Makio Move Online is your universe for supplemental inspiration at your own pace. Here you’ll find our specially curated materials with great tips for CVs, applications, and LinkedIn. You can also delve into reflection exercises and watch videos crafted by our advisors just for you. Plus, you can keep all your activities organized here.

You’ll hear more about all this when you meet with your advisor.

Here you can view past networking events
- We call them Makio Move On

It's fantastic to meet my advisor, who radiates energy, and I feel happy every time. She's amazing at motivating and an unparalleled sparring partner. Attending a Makio Move On event is not only about gaining free inspiration but also about meeting open and kind-hearted people without any reservations

A typical program at Makio

Move On – Outplacement feeling safe all the way from end to start is our most utilized program, where we support employees from termination to starting a new job, education, entrepreneurship, or retirement – actually up to 100 days into the new phase. This ensures that the employee is strengthened both personally and professionally.

The program is based on individual career development through counseling, workshops, networking, and digital tools.

Our experienced advisors meet each job candidate with humility, presence, professionalism, and courage. This way, we work to empower each candidate to find the right job for them.

As a terminated employee, you will gain confidence in yourself, become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and most importantly, we collaborate to find your dream job. The method involves intensive coaching with weekly meetings lasting approximately 1.5 hours, along with ad hoc online coaching with a personal advisor and workmate.

We also offer specially tailored programs – reach out to us to learn more.

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