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Outplacement you can rely on throughout the entire process

At Makio, we’ve been specialists in outplacement since 1996. We assist employees and companies through termination processes in both the private and public sectors.

We’ve helped over 1000 companies – and more than 10,000 terminated employees – with outplacement.

And we support leaders, companies, and every single terminated employee throughout the entire process.

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Who are we?

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Our values


Presence is absolutely essential in the Makio mindset and in the way we interact.

At a very basic level, it’s about accessibility. As a candidate or a company, you can always reach out to us.

By presence, we also mean being fully engaged in each meeting. In good old Danish, we care about our candidates.

We start with each candidate’s current situation and build a plan from there. That’s why each process is individual, and our tools support the process where and when it makes the most sense.


For us, humility is about not becoming self-important.

We say: “The opposite is also true!”

You can always turn things upside down and see an issue from the other side.

Humility ensures continuous curiosity and development.

We are firmly grounded in knowledge of today’s job market, but no one knows what tomorrow holds.

We know that every individual creates the future.

Therefore, it’s also about maintaining humility for each task and each individual.

Working with people is not a routine job.

We believe that we should continue to learn throughout life. And we will do it properly.


We want to make a difference.

It takes courage. In several contexts.

Personal courage for Makio advisors’ own continuous development.

Courage to gently push when necessary.

And courage to take responsibility – even when it comes to difficult conversations.


All values must be based on a professional approach to both companies and candidates.

It’s not enough to be present, humble, and courageous; it must also be professional.

We strive for well-founded solutions that are targeted and tailored to each company and each candidate.

We use supervision, evaluate, and hold internal development meetings to ensure quality and continuous insight into new methods, the job market, and industries.

Agreements are adhered to internally, with candidates and companies alike.

It's fantastic to meet my advisor, who radiates energy, and I feel happy every time. She's amazing at motivating and is an unparalleled sparring partner. Attending a Makio Move On event is - besides getting free inspiration - lovely to meet open and kind-hearted people without reservation.

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Makio has multiple offices located throughout Denmark, ensuring we can always provide assistance.

You can find a comprehensive overview on our website, where each location is accompanied by a video showing how to reach our individual offices.

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