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A typical program at Makio

Our outplacement program is built on individual career development through counseling, workshops, networking, and digital tools.

As experienced advisors, we approach each job candidate with humility, presence, professionalism, and courage. In this way, we work to empower each candidate to find the right job for each individual.

As a terminated employee, you will be strengthened in your self-belief, become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and most importantly, we collaborate to find your dream job.

The method involves intensive coaching with weekly meetings lasting approximately 1.5 hours, as well as ad hoc online coaching with a personal advisor and workmate.

We support the process with a well-developed online portal where job candidates can dive into our selected materials and videos – whenever it suits them.

Job candidates also gain access to a special search portal that can find more relevant jobs than those available on common job portals.

Additionally, we celebrate community, positive energy, and networking in safe environments when we regularly host events for job candidates. We call them Makio Move On.

I'm very pleased with the collaboration with Makio, and the employees I've referred to Makio always feel well taken care of.

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Vores nyheder er håndplukket til dig, som arbejder med HR eller er leder. Du får inspiration og viden inden for HR, ledelse, karriere og et bæredygtigt arbejdsliv.
Når du tilmelder dig Makios nyhedsbrev via e-mail får du viden, konkrete råd og inspiration om HR, karriere, ledelse, et bæredygtigt arbejdsliv samt invitationer til events. Du vil også modtage information om vores ydelser, og du kan til enhver tid framelde dig igen. Læs, hvordan vi behandler dine oplysninger her.

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