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Why use an outplacement program?

In our outplacement program, we accompany you from the moment of termination until you’ve started a new job, education, entrepreneurship, or retirement – actually, up to 100 days into the new endeavor.

Our experienced advisors meet each of you job candidates with humility, presence, professionalism, and courage.

Our aim is for your next job to be your coolest job yet.

You’ll gain more insight into yourself

As a terminated employee, you’ll be empowered in self-belief, become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and successes. And, importantly, we’ll collaborate with you to gain clarity and find precisely the right job for you.

This ensures that you become strengthened both personally and in your career – and end up standing on an even stronger foundation in your next job.

It's about finding the right job – at the right time – in the right place – in the right dose and form.

How do we do it?

The process revolves around individual career development through counseling, workshops, and networking. The close contact with your personal advisor is your solid foundation.

Our digital tools mean that we have an online universe supporting our conversations. Here, you can explore our selected materials and draw inspiration from the many videos where advisors give you the best tips on a range of topics. This allows you to delve into self-chosen subjects at your own pace and convenience.

This is also where you’ll find our unique job search program, which can enhance your job search opportunities.

The method involves intensive coaching, typically with weekly meetings lasting about 1.5 hours each.

And we conduct the meetings both in person and online, as appropriate.

How a program can unfold

Your personal advisor and work companion are never further away than a phone call or an email. It’s flexible and secure. Sometimes you may need quick advice.

We start by arranging the first non-committal meeting. Here, we discuss your new situation, align expectations, and lay out a plan for the path to your next job. We start at a pace that suits you and your needs.

We work in accordance with GDPR, and all agreements are between you and Makio.

Digital universe og
active networking

Makio Move Online is your universe of supplementary inspiration at your own pace. Here, you’ll find our specially curated materials with great tips for your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. You can also delve into reflective tasks and watch videos crafted by our advisors specifically for you. Plus, you can keep all your activities organized here.

You’ll learn more about all of this when you meet with your advisor.

The best part was that the process was tailored to me and my situation, not just a standard procedure

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